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Classic Raquel Herring Picture with hair up

A wholesome performer by all rights, Raquel Herring’s impressive career began as an adolescent making history after history. Her experience of being a recording artist at major labels like Warner Brothers and Universal Records more than speaks for itself.


After reigning on the music circuit, being the first teen to top the competition for eight consecutive weeks on Ed McMahon’s Star Search, she won both championship titles of Best Teen Vocalist and Best Teen Performer. She’s also well-known for creating history as the first Black female Mouseketeer on Disney Channel’s hit 90's show, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. 


Yet, despite the spotlight burning bright for so long, the transition to instantaneous adult fame didn’t happen quite like she had hoped, let alone to the stratospheric degrees of fellow Mouseketeers and child stars Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, and JC Chasez.

Despite this, she never gave up.


Raquel's Message for Overcoming Hardships

“Many of us struggle with tackling fear of the unknown, self-esteem issues, and overcoming our limits. Women, particularly, often feel pressured to meet everyone’s expectations. And if you don’t by the time you ‘should have’ you are counted out. In my case, this meant subjecting myself with the celebrity comparisons. Thus, my music is all about helping people follow their heart rather than doing only what is expected of them. I want them to believe in their passion and themselves. Just like I worked through my lows and mistakes, I want to show them there is more to life than just surviving. I wish to help them thrive. Also, it’s never too late to find your life’s purpose.”


Although facing periods of insecurity and loss, Raquel decided to change the narrative with the fresh perspective of strength and experience by claiming her faith. This process wasn’t easy. It took some time to navigate. After confronting the hurt she experienced from a multitude of tests in her life, she finally decided to become “Unstoppable”. Her album ‘Always Count On You’ proudly proclaims this triumph.


Raquel's Mission

“Framing my story, sharing the adversities and triumphs to beat-driven, enjoyable R&B pop songs is the best way I know to help others, and hopefully I can save other people the hurts so they don’t have to learn what all that is like on their own. I am the embodiment of a warrior princess who found that when I finally gave up any need for fame is when those opportunities starting coming back to me. After I let it all go it started a period of healing, growth, and rebuilding, God led me into the right time to get my message across.” - Raquel Roque Herring


With a desire to diversify her experiences and further her brand, Raquel became a successful entrepreneur as the Co-founder and Owner of a Los Angeles boutique talent management company for adult and teen actors and musicians, called 3R Entertainment Group and The Jingle Masters. Through these successful production houses, she has produced, consulted, and managed projects for commercial music advertising for Radio, TV, as well as small and large businesses.


A multi-faceted powerhouse of talent, she has also been extremely well-received as a stand-up comedian and has performed at Flappers in Burbank, CA, and the world-famous Ice House in Pasadena.


Excelling at every venture she has taken up, she is now set at debuting as an author while stirring up the music scene bringing an inspirational "New and Energetic" sound to popular audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and such with songs like, "Hands in the Air" and “Running To You” and also performing her new hit one-woman comedy musical show “The Unstoppable Journey of a Teer”.


Her one-woman show takes the audience on a journey of nonfictional accounts with comedic and sometimes dark satirical stories of her journey while examining modern society particularly with regards to the entertainment biz and the unanticipated consequences of normalizing life after the stage and lights.


With a remarkable journey that began over 30 years ago, she will now be unveiling to her fans all the stories of this rollercoaster ride that has been showbiz, in her upcoming tell-all biography.

Raquel Herring in Red Blouse Book Promotion


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