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Introducing Raquel Herring's New Book: Unlock the Pages of Inspiration

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“An empowering story that takes the reader through the authors unimaginable life challenges.”

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“...the book is very well written! It’s so hard to put down. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book!”

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“A raw and poignant memoir that reminds us of God's promise to give us "beauty for ashes" in even the most challenging circumstances.”

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Laurie W


Raquel's raw showbiz journey: authentic stories unveiled for fans

From TV shows to Broadway and Stand Up Comedy, Raquel Roque Herring has captivated audiences since she was 7. Beginning her remarkable career at 13, she's been in showbiz for 3 decades. Now, she’s opening up about her unique journey, sharing its highs and lows candidly like never before.

In her memoir, she details her 30-year showbiz journey, from her record-breaking eight-week reign on Ed McMahon's Star Search to winning titles as “Best Teen Vocalist” and “Best Teen Performer”. She also highlights her groundbreaking role as the first Black girl Mouseketeer on Disney Channel's 90's hit, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club."


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