Running To You // Raquel Herring

I began my career as an adolescent making history on the music scene after being the first teen to reign as champion for eight consecutive weeks on Ed McMahons's Star Search then winning both championship titles of Best Teen Vocalist and Best Teen Performer making history again as the first Black girl Mouseketeer on Disney Channel’s hit 90's show, The All New Mickey Mouse Club. 

Not only have I been a vocalist, writing my own music, I have produced film projects and appeared in several acting roles that include The Parkers, Nora’s Hair Salon, Color of the Cross 2 and Beyond the Shield, where I played a no-nonsense detective seeking justice. I even have my positively funny journey as a stand-up comedian performing at Flappers in Burbank, CA and the world famous Ice House in Pasadena. 

Stand-up Comedy started as a dare, the funny thing was that they kept booking me, so I kept going back.  (lol!)  

To diversify my knowledge and experiences by developing my entrepreneurial skills I became the co-founder and owner of a Los Angeles boutique talent management company for adult and teen actors and musicians. After several years of being a talent manager and much success the company permanently became 3R Entertainment Group and The Jingle Masters where I have produced, consulted and managed projects for commercial music advertising for radio, tv, small and large businesses.

Currently, I am completing one of my goals as a debuting author while stirring up the music scene bringing an inspirational "New and Energetic" sound to Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and such with songs like, "Hands in the Air" and “Running To You” and also performing my new hit one woman comedy musical show “ The Unstoppable Journey of a Teer”. My one woman show takes the audience on a journey of nonfictional accounts with comedic and sometimes dark satirical stories of my journey, while examining modern society particularly with regards to the entertainment biz and the unanticipated consequences of normalizing life after the stage and lights. 

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