I Heard The Bells On Christmas DayRaquel Herring
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30 Years of Delicious Showbiz Secrets And She’s Unveiling It All

"Go Tell It On The Mountain"

“Christmas to me is the special time of year that we all come together to celebrate, worship, and praise the birth of the risen King, Jesus, an opportunity for family and friends to all, take part in joyous communion. I felt strongly about singing a song that means something to me personally. It seems as if Christmas has become commercialized and disconnected from why we celebrate during this time of year. ‘Angels From the Realms of Glory’ reminds us that Jesus Christ, the newborn King, is the reason for the season. It’s also an invitation of sorts to come together at such a time when our country is experiencing great pangs, overt hatred, and division, to cry out in worship.” - Raquel Roque Herring

Disney Channel's
"All New Mickey Mouse Club"
Working Overtime

Star Search
Raquel Herring
Championship Finals

A Tell-All Like No Other As Raquel Bares Her Soul With Fans Like Never Before

From talent and TV shows to Broadway, and Stand Up Comedy to Podcasts, Raquel Roque Herring has only dazzled audiences ever since she was 7 years old. Right from the beginning, she has enthralled her fans with every creative hat she has ever donned. With a truly spectacular launch to her career at 13, she has repeatedly created history. Now, with a whopping 3 decades in showbiz, she’s decided to bare her heart and soul to her fans, and share every high and low of her fascinating journey, like never before.


In her upcoming biography, she uncovers every aspect of her journey over 30 years, including what she went through while navigating the world of showbiz as a teenager, as she smashed records by being a reigning champion for eight consecutive weeks on Ed McMahons’ Star Search, and then winning both championship titles of “Best Teen Vocalist” and “Best Teen Performer”, followed by being first Black girl Mouseketeer was in the Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Channel’s hit 90's show, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.


Read More to find out about the force of nature, that is Raquel Roque Herring.


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